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  Price Quote
   In-Person Appointment Policy:

   We are happy to meet with you on one of the Sundays when we don't have events. Obviously because of scarcity, these appointments are much sought after and are booked for weeks out. Because of this, many prospective clients opt for phone consultation and/or Skype. Nevertheless, because our time is limited for these Sunday appointments, out of fairness to all potential clientele, we have had to establish the following policy:

   1) Notice of cancellation is mandatory and must be made 24 hours (preferably more) before your scheduled appointment.

   2) If you have been a no-show (this includes cancellations made less than 24 hours prior) you will not be rescheduled (unless your no-show status is due to an emergency).

   A final note: if there is even the most remote chance that you won't be able to keep your appointment let us know immediately. And please, only make an appointment if you are 100% sure you can keep it. No-shows not only are a problem for us but they also hurt the many other couples who would have loved to come in for an appointment but couldn't because we were fully booked.

   Thanks for your understanding on this matter.

   Skype Meeting Capable--policy above does not apply to Skype meetings!

   Skype meetings are much more convenient and easy to schedule for Mondays through Thursdays. Evenings are typical for these but other times during the day can occasionally be accommodated. Call to see how seen we can get you scheduled.

   Here are our packages and rates, Since pricing can be subject to change and because no two events are identical, i.e. your event may not fit the parameters of the packages we offer, please fill out our Price Quote to guarantee an exact price in writing.

   When you consider our ongoing outstanding ratings on and, since 2007, our rates are phenomenally reasonable. For further understanding, please spend some time clicking through our website. Twenty minutes of research is worthwhile when it comes to your Big Day! Please also remember, in all post-event surveys, the one thing you and your guests will most remember is if you had fun, not the food, not the flowers, not the venue. So don't risk a bargain-basement DJ/MC at your event, partner with us and our proven track record.

Specials & Discounts:
Discount rate qualifications:
Immediate family member who is Active-Duty and/or Retired Military
Discount gets rate from next pacakage down. For example: you need package W-D so you'll get it at package W-C rate.

Here are the parameters regarding published pricing for your event:

*Service for up to 200 guests.

*Travel within 100 miles from Baltimore MD, [one-way].

*Jeff and/or Cheryl available at nearly any time of day or night, via phone, email or text.

*Personalized scripting process (coordination guarantee only applies to price tiers that specifically mention coordination).

If your event is outside the 100 mile radius or for more than 200 guests, written price requested via our quote request portal will reflect.

   Wedding Rates, please complete quote request for exact pricing:

Package W-A:
4hours, Reception only, no cocktail hour, 2 speakers

Package W-B:
4hours, Reception only, no cocktail hour, 2 speakers, subwoofer OR uplighting

Package W-C:
5 hours, separate cocktail setup, main setup is 2 speakers, uplighting, coordination

Package W-D:
5 hours, ceremony, separate cocktail setup, main setup is 2 speakers & subwoofer, uplighting, coordination

Package W-E:
6 hours, includes ceremony, separate cocktail setup, main setup is up to 4 speakers & subwoofer, uplighting, coordination

Package W-F:
everything from W-E but for events between 200 & 400 guests and/or outside the mileage radius

Package Other:
Some other custom combination is needed. Please give us your details via the quote request form

   Non-Wedding Rates:

Package P-A:
$800: 4 hours, 2 speakers

Package P-B:
$1000: 5 hours, 2 speakers, subwoofer & uplighting

Package P-C:
$1200: 6 hours, separate cocktail setup, main setup is 2 speakers & subwoofer, uplighting

Package Other:
Some other custom combination is needed. Please give us your details via the quote request form

   If you choose to book with us, payments and deposits are based on contract total and work like this:
~25% of total contract as deposit due with your signed contract. Final balance is then the remaining ~75%

   Completion of the Price Quote form, will get you an exact price in contract form.

   Payment Information/options:

Remember, the sooner your deposit is received, the sooner your date is locked.

Credit Card/Debit Card payments via our "Make a Payment" portal link at bottom of page.

Credit Card/Debit Card payments over the phone.

Credit Card/Debit Card payments via (send payment to

Personal Checks are always acceptable for deposit, as long as we are at least a month out from your event.

We can also accept personal checks for final balance, as long as we receive them no later than 5 business days prior to the event.

Please make all checks payable to:, inc.

For final balance: cashier's check, money order or Credit Card is acceptable the day of event as long as remitted prior to start of music. Yes we can swipe your card on our smartphone!

However, for your sake we would really prefer not to do business on your big day.

For final Balance, if you wish to do an Electronic check payment via PayPal it must be initiated no later than 5 business days prior to the event.

Occasional payments are fine as well, just discuss your payment plan proposal with Jeff, and of course you are welcome to use the payment portal here anytime 24/7.

Pay me securely with any major credit card through PayPal!     VisaMasterCardDiscoverAmerican ExpresseCheck

Please Read First!

   Before completing this form please read the "Rates" link. After you have completed this form, Jeff or Cheryl will call you since we prefer a more personal touch, and provide you with an exact-price contract for your event. We are usually back in touch within one business day. Because most events are around the weekend, occasionally it can take two or three business days to get back to you. Your patience is greatly appreciated!

Bride/Client Name (required):
Groom/Client Name:
Contact info belongs to:
Event type:

One Phone number is required! Best # to get you between noon and 7pm.
Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Work Phone:
Date of Event:
Day of week:  
Approx. number of guests expected to attend:
Exact location of Event (venue name & city/state):
How did you hear about

Which Package do you like the best? Info/details found under our "rates" link.

Have you hired the services of a professional wedding planner/coordinator
Yes - No -
All of the evening's events in the same room?
Yes - No -
If answer to the above is No, please provide some info regarding the whereabouts of the events.
(i.e. Ceremony in another location on the property, cocktail hour is in the foyer adjacent to the ballroom, Speech at top of stairs, etc.)

Any other information which should know for your event
(i.e. you need us for ceremony too, any special needs or questions)?

Clicking "submit" should cause an email to pop-up, containing all the info you just entered. If an email doesn't pop up for you to send, you'll need to get me that same info manually. Thanks much!
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