Useful Tips
  Useful Tips

Aside from Cheryl, Parris, Nicki and yourself, what other DJ/MCs are there? Are they Sub-Contractors?
   Our Sub-Contractors are put under an actual contract for each event they service which legally binds them to service that event. Our DJ/MCs didn't even get an interview with me until they could prove 10 years of perfection servicing high-end wedding and corporate events. At Elan-DJ, the events we service and our reputation are way too important to us to waste time with inexperienced DJ/MCs. We are all Professionals and no matter who is assigned to your event, you are assured of our Low-Key/Low-Profile approach and all the Guarantees listed under that link above.

Why aren't your Sub-Contractor DJs photos/bios on the site?
   This is actually a very simple reason. Most have their own sole-proprietor DJ business in the region. This avoids confusion and we help them fill the holes in their calendar.

What happens if our DJ is unable to play at the wedding, as in the event of an emergency or illness?
   This never happens...and I do really mean never! Our DJ's are independent contractors (not employees) and this is their "bread and butter." They are not in their teens or early twenties. I've worked many a job while "under the weather." You've heard of the phrase, "the show must go on." that is the way it is with Elan-DJ. We are professionals--not college students doing this for extra money. Suffice to say that we have a total of 10 subcontractors who had to pass through a rigorous interview process to qualify to represent us. The few that are not working on any given date are placed on standby in the case of any evergency. Also, please read the specific wording regarding this on your contract.

What amount of deposit is required? When is the balance due?
   Deposits are 25% of the contract total, balance is due no later than at the event prior to music starting.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?
   Nearly all Deposits are non-refundable. Further details to be found in the wording on the contract.

How far in advance should we sign to book your services?
   That depends on your comfort level. Some people book over a year in advance (the current record is 18 months), others only two months in advance (average is six months prior). Obviously, the longer you wait, the higher the probability that we will not be available.

What equipment will you provide?
   Self-powered speakers, wireless mics, laptop-based mixing, ipods, and full backup gear. This batch of equipment are all the norm in the industry now. We were one of the first companies in the region to be 100% laptop-based [2004], this ensures the most adaptability and the most focus on the particulars of your event by your servicing DJ/MC. Contrast this with other companies who are still dealing with CDs who spend the evening frantically cueing up the next CD one at a time. So the question then becomes, would you prefer our low-profile, small-footprint, seated approach, or a big-footprint standing DJ who is sweating all night reaching and grabbing for the next CD.

What about events for more than 300 guests?
If you are having what we call a large event, then it may be necessary for us to hire the services of a professional sound company in addition to our services. We have done many events like this. Just give us the particulars in the quote-request-form and we'll get back to you with our detailed solution and pricing.

Do you bring back-up equipment?
   Absolutely, to every event. All professional DJs do.

What About Lights?
   We only feel comfortable handling colored uplighting....if you require anything more advanced than this we recommend you hire a professional lighting company like Farr Lighting. We also, feel that the typical flashy, set-it-and-forget-it dance floor light systems which DJs tend to haul around lean toward the cheesy end of the spectrum. Without sounding uppity, we consider ourselves to be toward the elegant end of the spectrum, and as such we believe attempting to do anything beyond uplights would not only take us out of our lane of expertise but also be a distraction from our main purpose as DJ/MC/Coordinator.

How much time do you need to set-up? Is this set-up time part of the flat-rate, or will we be charged for this time?
   We usually arrive between 90 minutes and two hours prior to the contracted start time depending on how much equipment is required, travel considerations and other variables. If your reception is in the same location as your ceremony and close enough that our arrival and/or set-up may possibly be disruptive, we must arrive that amount of time earlier than your ceremony start time.

What do you charge for overtime?
   Assuming that toward the end of the contracted time during the event you decide you want the DJ to stay for an extra amount. This varies depending on the DJ but is always between $100-$200/hour.

Do you provide MC services?
   Exclusively. We are a full-service company and we maintain strict control of our microphones during every event.

What about Guest MC's:
   Exceptions to the following policy are events where announcements must be made in more than one language. Because of recent events where a family member or friend was the designated MC; and because these events ended up being much less elegant and sophisticated than we consider to be acceptable; we now only hand our mics over to persons who have been designated as giving a toast or a speech, or to whomever is performing a blessing for the meal. Our professional MC skills ensure that all announcements are short, succinct and to the point. Another important thing to remember is that there is no chance that your MC would be drunk if we are handling all MC duties, yes, I'm implying that most guest MCs end up being drunk sooner or later during the event. We never do. Are we obligated to provide sustenance for our DJ during the event?
   Yes, this is covered in detail in the contract.

Do you offer projectors? Should we use our videographer for a projector?
   If you have a slideshow created via computer, we can easily add projector services to your contract to accomodate this during your reception. Please do not consider having your photographer or videographer handle this aspect for you as they will not have time for setup or to ensure an audio feed to our sound system from the video you have created. Most venues have portable screens which can be rented for a small fee. You provide the Video CD or DVD and we bring the projector and any other necessary items to make your vision a reality. Call Jeff for a consultation once you know the format or the media on which you'll be creating your show

I would like to listen to or view any demo materials you use to promote your business.
   Please thoroughly read the useful tips link for detailed information.

We really want to see one of the Elan DJs servicing an event prior to locking you in.
   Please thoroughly read the 'important tips' link for detailed information.

We really want to meet you at our venue for a walk-through, do you do this?
   The short answer is no, but we will consider a location meeting for an extra fee. Reason being: we have worked nearly every venue in the region, and even if your event is at a new location to us, the chances that it is not very similar to another location are very slim to non-existent. Also, a mansion event, is a mansion event, is a mansion event, they are all a bit different but the challenges and solutions are all the same. If you are concerned about the layout of your event please fax us a diagram containing your thoughts and we'll be happy to deal with everything via this method--this is how venues communicate this info to vendors in this field and is what we are used to.

   TheKnot.com's WeddingChannel has recently opened a review area.

Former clients, if you could please review us on WeddingWire.com, thank you!

   Also, you can copy that review for us on WeddingChannel.com, thanks again!

Don't forget to see all of our WeddingWire Reviews. We carry a very high rating there!

   As of January 2010, we will not be adding more items to this page below since most of our clients have chosen to review our services via the above links; and we feel that those reviews will have slightly more impact than these here.

   **Note from Jeff: the next two thank-you notes from Carey & Nottingham were a double event day for Jeff after DJing another non-wedding event until 2am the same morning. If you click thru to WeddingWire.com and look them up (Carey's S/N is Kandee82 and her original wedding date was 10/10 on her WeddingWire profile).  Please note that despite performing 3 five-hour events in a 25 hour period each of these clients gave us a full 5-star rating on WeddingWire.  Proof that there is nothing more important to us than the success of your event!

To you and Cheryl, thank you so very much. Our honeymoon was wonderful.  The best part was being able to spend quality time together away from the hustle of everyday.  I agree there certainly is nothing better, and its truly a blessing.   

You were amazing!  I have recieved so many compliments on how wonderful the music was, how professional you were, and how the flow was seamless. Brent and I loved it.  Initially I wanted to give you list of our favorite songs and exactly when to the play them, from beginning to end.  I am so extremely glad I didn't.  By giving you just a few songs for those key moments and letting you show your craft a tone was set for a well orchestrated and completely memorable day for Brent and I.  You kept the guests smiling and the mood of the day extremely happy. The ceremony and reception both, in our eyes, were flawless.  Thank you so much for helping to make our very special day that much more elegant and memorable.  I will recommend you to absolutely everyone that will listen:)  and any future events I coordinate, I plan to give you a call!  

Thanks Again!!
Candace  & Brent Carey  (cdjcarey@hotmail.com)
7Nov.09, 10:15am-3:15pm, Ceremony-Cocktails-Reception, Hyatt Regency Baltimore Inner Harbor, ~60 guests

Jeff was awesome! He was always quick to respond to any concerns or questions I had throughout the planning process. On the day of our wedding, he was completely professional, played everything we wanted to hear and made the whole night run smoothly. He really knows what he is doing and I couldn't have picked a better guy for the job. I would recommend him to anybody who wants a memorable and fun evening.

Brian & Beth Nottingham (stilesee@yahoo.com)
7Nov.09, 5-10pm, Cocktails&Receptoin 1840s Ballroom Baltimore, ~160 guests

Thanks Cheryl!  

We had an amazing wedding we will remember for a lifetime and I can't thank you enough!

Lauren Hackman & Richard Thompson
3Oct.09, 5:45-11pm, Ceremony-Cocktails-Reception, Breaux Vineyards Purcelville VA ~135 guests

"I cannot say enough wonderful things about Elan-DJ.  Throughout the time period of when I first inquired about their service for my wedding - till the very end when their DJ John Lamirande was packing up at the end of my reception - the level of service was amazing and exceeded all my expectations.  Please do not hesitate to work with Elan-DJ.  I have no doubt that you will be 100% satisfied with their service.  - I highly recommend John also, - he was such a professional and managed the whole reception so smoothly.  Many thanks to Elan-DJ!!!"  

Thank you again Jeff and John for everything.  Your company truly understands customer service and professionalism!!  

-Danielle & Adam Knoll     dangee79@hotmail.com
19Sept.09, 5:30-11pm, Ceremony-Cocktails-Reception, Baltimore Museum of Industry Pavillion & Point, ~125 guests

Hi Jeff:

I just wanted to write and say how pleased we were with you and Parris.  He was so professional and so courteous and really did a wonderful job facilitating our wedding.  I also really wanted to thank you for your assistance not only with the music but with the timeline.  Dinner was done by 9:00 and everything moved very smoothly.  Thank you for all your advice.  We really appreciate all your hard work and professionalism.

Kind Regards,

Erin Ryan (esaylor82@gmail.com)
11 July 09, 7-11pm, Meridian House DC, ~150 guests


Thank you SO much for being a part of Scott and I's wedding day. We couldn't have asked for a better wedding. Your music kept people dancing all night! We were really impressed with the way you were able to keep all the generations of guests happy and you still mixed in a lot of the 80's music that Scott and I love. Thanks also for answering all the questions we had while planning the wedding, when asked, you gave us your opinion with everything from music to random wedding etiquette questions.  You were a big part in making our wedding day perfect. I can't thank you enough! If we ever have another big event in the future, we will defiantly come back to you!

Scott & Amanda Wilson (ambell22@gmail.com)
22 June 09, 6-10:30pm, Gramercy Mansion, Stevenson MD, ~65 guests

Thanks so much Cheryl!  You made our event absolutely perfect -- the evening moved along flawlessly and everybody agreed that you were fantastic. :)

All our best and thanks,

Katie and Nate, bowenka@gmail.com
20 June 09, 6-11pm, Key Bridge Marriott, ~150 guests, Cocktails & Reception

13 June 09, 6:15-11pm, Gertrudes at the Baltimore Museum of Art, ~155 guests, Ceremony, Cocktails, Reception simmjen@gmail.com

30 May 09, 5-11pm, The Oaks in Saint Michaels, 120 guests, ceremony, cocktails, reception nichole.ellis@gmail.com

Hello Jeff,

Andy and I are back from our Honeymoon.  I would like to send you a huge congrats for your work on our Wedding night.  The music was fantastic and all the prelude music and processional timings were perfect.  Exactly what I had imagined.  I received many compliments on the dinner music selections as well.  It was different and not the usual playlist we always here at weddings.  The crowd wasn't much for dancing but I knew that.  The highlight was the Anniversary dance, excellent idea!!!

Thank you so much for everything With sincere gratitude,


21 Feb 09 5-11pm Strathmore Hall, Bethesda MD ~150 guests

Elan-DJ did my wedding and it was amazing. All of guests commented on how classy the whole reception was...due in large part to Cheryl. I would recommend Elan-DJ for any event!

Jessica Bolin:   jessicafbolin@live.com
20 September 2008,  Silver Tree Inn, Eastern MD, 120 guests, coverage included ceremony, cocktails and reception

We could not have been more pleased with Jeff's performance DJing our wedding. His low-profile style made perfect sense during the reception, his graciousnesses towards guests with requests, his always-appropriate volume setting, and play list kept the compliments coming all night - and even after the event! Highly recommended. 

Justin & Celeste Lemrow,  random@lemrow.com
13 September 2008, ~180 guest, Herrington Harbor, Friendship MD

Hi Cheryl,  

Thank you so much for a terrific job last night!  You made everything easy-- From providing outstanding planning and advice for the music and activities for Krista's Sweet Sixteen Gala Masquerade;  from the start right up through the finish, the event was a complete success, all thanks to you.  You really kept things moving and fun. I was especially impressed how well you blended and balanced class and fun, especially for a group of sometimes surly teenagers.  The kids had a great time that they will never forget.   

Thanks again.  

Donna Sengelaub, armynavy82@aol.com
12 September 2008, Sweet 16 Masquerade Ball, ~50 guests, Naval Academy Officer's Club, Annapolis MD

2 August 2008, 5 hour reception, 110 guests, Osprey's Landing, Woodbridge VA

Jeff and Cheryl worked closely with us leading up to the reception to prepare for our big night and make sure all our needs were met.  Cheryl created a fun and lively atmosphere at the reception for a great dance party and kept us on schedule for the events throughout the night. We're still hearing from our guests to tell us how much fun they had dancing at the reception.  


Elaine and Jonathan, jisner@gmail.com
12 July 2008, 6 hour event, cocktails & reception, 175 guests, Hyatt Regency, Reston Town Center


First, thanks for everything. You were a huge part of making the event stress free for us. Both Monica and I were blessed by your willingness to step in and deal with unforeseen issues [Venue decided to make their end time one hour earlier. This was discovered upon my arrival and was a surprise especially considering the fact that I spoke to the venue the day-of.] and your hard stance on making sure that our wedding was everything we wanted it to be.  Your choice of songs was fantastic and the way you steered the evening was seemless and completely unobtrusive.  We're still having people ask us about 'the dj' and having people comment on how great the music was (for the ceremony and the reception both!).  We would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone for any occassion.  Thank you for making our wedding day so memorable.  

Jonathan and Monica jeezmacneez@yahoo.com

20 June '08, 5 hours ceremony, cocktails and reception, 120 guests, Kentlands Mansion

Dear Cheryl (& Jeff),  

We had the BEST time at our wedding! Music had everything to do with it (well, maybe the booze too!). Thank you so much for sticking with our music selections. We were confident that you had great on-the-spot DJing skills, but it was really important to us to hear certain songs and we worked hard to get a good list together. You respected our wishes and stuck to the list and we are so appreciative of that. It really payed off. Everyone was (and still is) complimenting us on what a fun wedding we had. Again, the music has so much to do with that. From the start, you were both extremely professional. No wonder you do such a good job in your industry. The one-page order-of-events is so simple, but so key! Thanks also for the sweetheart special since we booked before Valentine's Day.  

We really do have a fun crowd that loves to dance and be silly. We couldn't deny anyone the opportunity to dance like Mick Jagger or deny the two dads dancing like nuts to the Beattles (thanks for approving that one!) or swaying arm and arm to Piano Man like they did to the last song at one of John's favorite Notre Dame bars.  

Cheryl, we were quite impressed with your ability to whip us into perfect formation when introducing the wedding party. You did a great job getting us together!  

We will definitely spread the good word and make recommendations. Thanks again for everything!  

Katie & John
17 May 2008, 4 hour reception only, 200 guests, Renaissance Harborplace, Baltimore MD

Christina & Christopher Bevington
17 May 2008 5 hour reception, 200 guests, Bristow Manor Golf Club, Bristow VA

Hi Cheryl, I cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful event on Saturday! We received so many, many compliments on the music and how friendly you were! All was just perfect!! Thank you so very much for keeping everything on schedule and helping us out with everything!

Charlie and I intended to pass along a tip and had an envelope to give you, but I forgot to pass it along! I'm so sorry! I forgot the caterers envelope too! I feel so silly! Can you resend me an address so I can forward it to you?

Thank you so very much for everything! You were truly outstanding and helped make it all such a perfect day!

Heather Wright
26 April 2008, 6 hours-from ceremony until the end of festivities, 85 guests, Historic Londontowne, Edgewater MD

Jeff, Thank you for the fantastic job you did for our wedding.  We were very pleased with how well you read the crowd and the selection of music.  It was a special treat to get the cd of all the music at the end of the reception.  We took it with us on our Honeymoon!  Please feel free to use me as a reference  sadamko@comcast.net

Suzanne and Lyle Isaacs
15 March 2008, 4 hour reception coverage only, 160 guests, Tremont Grand, Baltimore MD

Hi Jeff,

Thank you for such a wonderful evening.  I thought I'd share this email I got regarding the party.  Clearly a widespread sentiment.   Have a wonderful holiday and I will definitely use your services in the future.


Laurie Nevarez
Senior Travel and Meetings Manager
American Society of Clinical Oncology


Thank you, thank you for a WONDERFUL Holiday Party last week.  For lack of better and more professional words, it was TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And I think I speak for many others when I say this.

I had a really great time, and the evening was fun.  The room was beautiful - it was cozy and felt "pretty"....

In my mind, the HIGHLIGHT of the evening was THE MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!  What fabulous selections -- and I think you all had a hand in that.  The music was upbeat, got the crowd involved - including all ages of our diverse group, kept our interest, and seemed very appropriate.  GREAT, GREAT job.  On a personal note -- my DJ boyfriend even commented that he liked the music, and he's hard to win over.  You guys did an awesome job!!!

So, I just wanted to thank you for making it all happen.  I am sure it took hours and hours away from your normal day to day.  I truly appreciate all the time each of you spent to make my night really fun, memorable, and enjoyable.  THANK YOU!  It made me proud to work at ASCO and made me proud to bring a guest and show him that I work at such a great place where people care and people invest.  You should all be very proud.  On the flip side - you have all now set the bar VERY high:-)  Be careful:-)

Thanks again for working so hard to put together a really fun night! Lyndsey

Crystal Gateway Marriott, Crystal City VA (by the Pentagon), 200 guests
Client actually picked 25 tracks she & her committee had to hear.  I did all the rest of the music and "crowd-reading"
They have already booked for '08

17 Nov.'07 Meridian House, DC, 150 guests, 6 hours, (tip was included in letter btw.)

Thank you so much for you outstanding performance at our reception.  That was the best DJ experience I could have hoped for.  I'd heard many horror stories about "DJ mis-haps" at weddings, so I was thankful you did such a wonderful job (in addition to being incredibly patient and accommodating with our ever changing and last minute requests!)  We will definitely recommend you to our friends and family and would love to be a reference if you would like. 

Thank you again for everything!  I hope all is well with you and best of luck in a continued wonderful marriage and a happy life with your family!

-Lindsay : ) 

28 Sept.'07, Atrium, Vienna VA, 170 guests, 5 hours

22 Sept.'07, JW Marriott DC, 250 guests, 6 hours

Dear Jeff,

Thank you so much for all your effort and a fantastic reception! You are extremely professional and very good at what you do. Everything was perfect!

Best wishes, Michael

7 Sept. '07, Tented event at their family farm in Middleburg VA, 100 guests 6 hour event

Hi Jeff,  

We are so happy with how our event turned out on August 4th. It was so nice to just relax and enjoy the day without having to worry about the details.  Thank you so much for making that possible. We wouldn't have changed a thing.  

-Melissa and Brent   

4 August '07 2941 restaurant, 100 guests, 4 hours

Dear Jeff,

Thank you so much for all that you did to make our wedding day special.  I greatly appreciated how easy you made the planning process.  Also I have gotten nothing but compliments from the guests on the music. It was the perfect style and volume for our tastes. You can be certain that I will recommend you to anyone who needs a DJ.

Best, Joyce Garczynski

18 August 2007, Houston Hall, Univ. of PA, Philadelphia, 140 guests

Hi Jeff,  

Thank you for your well wishes.  I can’t believe it’s all over in a blink of an eye.  Thanks for picking up the tempo, I didn’t think our song selections would have bombed but…thanks for saving it.  John and I had a blast!  

Best, John and Laura

25 August 2007, HMS Queen Mary (retired luxury liner-now hotel), Long Beach, CA, 90 guests


Thank you for your kind wishes.  It was a pleasure having you participate in our special occasion and we certainly appreciate the professional and efficient manner in which the event was planned and executed.  Considering that this was a 50th Wedding Anniverary Celebration, and the age range of the guests was 2 to 98, you managed to keep the party lively and get everyone up and dancing until the planned end of the evening. The one surprise was not having known that "Jeff and Cheryl" are not only a DJ team but happen to be related by marriage.  You should hire as good a DJ for your 50th celebration!

Again, thank you, Florence and Al Bernstein"

  50th Anniversary Celebration, Vienna VA


Thank you so much.  You did a great job!" 

  McFadden Wedding in Maryland, lamcfadden@msn.com

"Hi Cheryl,  

You did a GREAT job for us and we're so thankful. You can definitlely use us as a reference and Kim and I will get together and try to give you a good quote and an email address you can use.  We were especially impressed with how attentive you were to us, and, of course, the music was great.  

Thanks, again!  

Ted and Kim Wallace"   Poconos wedding in June.  tedleyo@gmail.com,  kimberlyfoster@gmail.com

"We were incredibly pleased with Jeff.  We changed the layout and format of our reception just days before the wedding, and Jeff was very flexible and helpful in the process.  Jeff made sure everyone, vendors and guests, was aware of and following the reception schedule, yet he did so in an unobtrusive way.  Jeff never made himself the center of attention as we have seen some DJs do.  He checked with us before playing any songs that guests requested (which didn't match up to the styles chosen), which we liked.  We really hoped all of our guests would dance, and they did--all night!  Jeff did a great job adjusting the playlist based on our guests' dancing preferences.   We could not have been more pleased with Jeff`s service.  It was truly a pleasure to work with Jeff!"

Shane & Michael Prada

Sunday, 24 June '07 Cloisters, 5.5 hours 150 guests, DJ setup in chapel with speaker through window for ceremony, in main room and in Library for duration of evening.

Hi Jeff,

Thanks so much for all your help with the wedding! Knowing that you were worrying about all the details helped take a lot off our minds. We appreciate all your hard work. We had many compliments on the wedding and reception and you played a big part in that.

Gillian and Cary: gillianhaskell@hotmail.com

Jeff served as full "day-of" coordinator for their entire event as well as being DJ/MC, including all pre-event planning and direction of other vendors.

23 June '07 140 guests; Howard County Conservancy.  Noon-11pm

Jeff, Parris was great!  He played all the right music, and all of my guests had a great time.  He honored not only mine but all of my guests requests as well.  He truly was wonderful, I didn't want to night to end.  

You can use this e-mail address if you want.  

Thanks again, Jessica (jjhilburn@hotmail.com)
Reception after-party, 2 June '07, So. MD, Private Residence, 150 guests.


You were professional and accurate in honoring our song requests and making our wedding day run smoothly! Thank you for help making our day incredible!

Jason & Angela
20 April '07 Raspberry Plain, Leesburg VA, 100 guests, 4 speaker surround (required at this venue due to acoustics)

14 April '07, Westfield's Marriott, Chantilly VA, 200 guests, 5 hour event, projector & 4 spkrs.

11Jan'07 130 guests, Large mansion North of Philadelphia, 110 guests, multiple room coverage.

Cheryl was absolutely the perfect DJ.  We were nervous about hiring a DJ rather than a band, because we were having a more formal affair.  However, Cheryl presented herself beautifully, was incredibly classy, and very competent.  When our venue's waitstaff took way too long in serving our meal, Cheryl helped ensure that time flowed smoothly for the remainder of the afternoon and that we were still able to fit in all of the special songs and events we had hoped for!  She was amiable, courteous, professional, very sweet, and allowed us to place total confidence in her abilities.

Thank you!!!     Nicole & Justin Ossola   (coley3503@hotmail.com)

16 Dec '06   Annapolis Chart House, 100 guests

Dear Cheryl: All of us were absolutely delighted with your professionally superb performance as a DJ. All the songs were perfectly mixed with great timing. It was delightful to have you do the job. Thank you. Sincerely, Ajit Sanghvi  ajitsanghvi@mac.com

9 December '06 Ceresville Mansion, 175 guests

26 October '06, 185 guests, Maggiano's Tyson's Corner,  Cheryl was the servicing DJ,  (Jeff did all their prep work as he does with all clients, regardless of whether he actually is the servicing DJ.)

Cheryl (and Jeff), It was our pleasure to have you participate! You were both exceptional to work with! And we wanted to say thank you again for not only the world-class service, but for the CDrom of our wedding music. That will provide long lasting memories for years to come. Speaking of memories, I believe that our guests will have long lasting memories to come as well! Each of our guests made sure to express to us their appreciation for the musical selections and their pleasure with the arrangement of such. They - of all ages mind you - raved about the festive mood that you created. In fact, they raved about it not only the night of the wedding, but the morning after as well. We thank you for that! We wanted to create a fun and festive atmosphere; one to be enjoyed and remembered by all. Because of your hard work, it will be! Thank you again! We would be happy to have any one or more of the above comments included in your web site! You both provided exceptional service and so we will forever recommend you to friends, family, and acquaintances because of such. Thank you again! Heather & Mike heatherlynn2000@hotmail.com 26 Oct. '06 Ceresville Mansion, 50 guests, Ceremony thru reception, 5 hours Another letter Sent to us on 11May'06 Today, in talking to Mr. Randy Olmstead, of The Perfect Truffle, I began to reminisce of mine and my husbands wedding at the Ceresville Mansion back on October 26th, 2006. And thinking back on it made me remember all of the wonderful people (YOU!) who made it the exceptional day that it was and who created the memories we, our friends, and our families will always have. As such, I just wanted to say THANK YOU again for not only your outstanding customer service, but for creating what was a gorgeous event! Our guests still rave about the beauty of the Ceresville Mansion, as well as the kindness of Jenny and her staff, the gorgeous flowers from John and Doug of Spot Floral and how they complimented the venue just so, the perfection of our cake from Duff and Mary Alice of Charm City Cakes and how it couldn't have been more moist and flavorful, the mood set by Cheryl Adams of Elan DJ and her transition between events, the on point photography taken by Glenn of Glenn Barnett Photography and how he managed to capture every angle of every detail, and the chocolates (who could forget the chocolates?!?!) from Randy Olmsted of The Perfect Truffle and how they were the perfect close to a perfect meal and evening. We couldn't have chosen a better team to execute all of the details of our wedding day! You folks made our day what it was and what we'll always remember! You manage to, day in and day out, deal with the most complicated of customers and requests and yet you still manage to execute all wishes flawlessly! YOU ARE TRULY OUTSTANDING WEDDING PROFESSIONALS. And for that, I thank you. I thank you for all of your hard work and behind the scenes effort at not only our wedding, but all of the weddings you service!!! You are all exceptional!!!  


Cheryl, Thank you so much.  We thoroughly enjoyed the event, you did a great job playing a large variety of music.  Who would have thought people would be dancing until Maggiano's had to kick them out :) Best, Maggie Swearingen malonem2@hotmail.com
14 October 2006, CCT corporate party, Maggiano's DC, 150 guests, 4 hours

Dear Jeff, Dear Cheryl! We were SO happy with all your work, preparation & execution leading up to - and during! - our wedding on the evening of the 30th. I was so impressed with every touch, and with the ease with which you work. Cheryl: we were so surprised & so excited to receive the CD: such an unexpected and lovely gift!! Thank you so much. It would be my pleasure to serve as a reference - absolutely!  Please include my e-mail address mismeliss@earthlink.net With our sincere thanks, Melissa & Jeffrey 30 September '06, tent at Severna Park Private Residence, 60 guests, 5 hours

Hi Jeff, All of our guests had a great time and a lot of fun thanks to all the great music you played. By the end of the evening I think everyone was on the dance floor! The ceremony was wonderful as well- the music really added to the whole feel of the wedding. Thank you again for all your helpful suggestions during the planning too! Take Care, Brooke (a wedding coordinator herself at the time with www.sagewoodweddings.com)
23 September '06, Ronald Reagan Building DC plaza and pavillion, Ceremony, Cocktails & Reception, 140 guests

Dear Jeff, You did a fabulous job! I don't know what else I can say. Everyone commented on how great the music was and how much they enjoyed dancing. We managed to get everything timed just right and everyone loved the show. I even gave some people your name and number. I appreciate all your hard work and I can't thank you enough. Andi and Matt had such a good time, as did all their friends. Please feel free to use me as a reference and if I ever need music, I know where to go! Terry Pribble (mother of the bride)

3 September '06, Turf Valley Country Club, Ellicott City MD, 170 guests 4.5 hours

Hi Jeff, ...Yes, we had a wonderful time!  ... My biggest concern with the reception was having a variety of music that our diverse group of guests would enjoy.  Yet, your planning script, as well as professional and personable demeanor, certainly put those worries to rest.  You did a fabulous job integrating the various musical genres and the music flowed well.  The guests appeared to have a really great time and were kept moving on the dance floor.  I would highly recommend your services to anyone! Jauffmick & Amir

(Jauffmick@mail.com or AmirTej@aol.com ) 
19 August 2006, Woodend Mansion, 100 guests mostly of Haitian and/or Indian descent.

5 August '06, Middleburg VA, Community Center Ballroom, 150 guests.

Hi Jeff, You did an awesome job at our reception - our guests had a wonderful time!  We want to thank you for being professional, courteous and accommodating.  We appreciate that you took the time to get to know us, our type of music and what we wanted at our wedding reception.  Anytime you need a reference, let us know --  we will definitely recommend you. Thanks!
Lisa and Afshin

July 30, 2006 Reception at Swan Harbor Farm, 120 guests from across the US and around the world

Jeff, We knew we were in good hands from our first conversation. You were very attentive to our every need...and last minute alteration! Your organization and attention to detail helped structure our reception and even gave us some new ideas for it. Best of all, the dance floor was packed the entire evening...you should see the pictures! Our guests certainly had a blast! Jeff, you truly did an excellent job. Please count on us as a solid reference and we hope to send you lots of clients. Thanks for everything, you were wonderful to work with.
 Rachel and Tim Casey

29 July '06 Hilton Embassy Row, Dupont circle, DC, 100 guests

We were very pleased with Steve as the DJ for our wedding reception. He was unobtrusive, yet very entertaining and did his job well. Throughout the night, there was never a dull moment on the dance floor! And I completely attribute that to the choice of music and the order in which songs were played. Steve knew how to get my guests out on the dance floor and more importantly how to keep them there. We felt very comfortable with Elan Artist DJs throughout the planning process, and Steve's DJ entertainment during our reception exceeded all of our expectations!

Jessica and John Brunnett 22 July '06, Hunt Valley Inn

Joe did a fab job! We danced all night long and Joe really got a feeling for the music we liked and he didn't miss a beat! Thanks so much! John and Billie Papuchis.

8 July '06, Paul's on the South River, Riva MD

Hi Jeff, I would be happy to have my email address on your site as a reference. I thought you did an excellent job-- you were very professional, and really helped the evening go smoothly. I also appreciate your persistence in getting all of the information you needed from us (play list, processional, etc.) ahead of time, despite my foot-dragging! Thank you for the CD of the evening-- I'm listening to it now. :-) Thanks, Kim Cleland--- ballroomvet@hotmail.com
Belmont CC, Ashburn VA, 25 June '06, Wedding and Reception

Hi Cheryl, We cannot thank you enough!  So many people told Paul and I how good the music was.  I was so happy with everything and we were so impressed.  We would be honored to be used as a reference and we will give only the best!  Thanks again so much,

Brooke (& Paul) Magnusson kwazilax20@aol.com
17 June 2006, Sherwood Forest Clubhouse, Crownsville MD, Cocktails & Reception 6 hours.

Thank you, Cheryl was just terrific.  Very professional, friendly and accommodating.  She let me know when people requested a song she wasn't sure I'd want her to play, which I really appreciated.  The night was a blur for me, but from what I heard, everyone had a great time and danced all night.  Thank you both again for all of your help and suggestions!
Patrick & Michelle Melvin

10 June 2006, Mayfair Farms West Orange NJ, 100 guests, Ceremony, Cocktails and Reception, 6 hours

Jeff,  Thank you so much for everything.  The wedding was wonderful and we really appreciate the great job.  Everyone loved the music and we were really impressed by the way you let the evening move along without getting on the mic during every song.  Most of the DJ companies we looked at had guys wearing crazy hats and giving "shout outs" to the crowd over and over.  We were looking for someone very professional and you helped make our night very special.  Thank you so much.
Artemas and Amy Mott

4 June 2006 Antrim 1844, Taneytown MD, 75 guests, Reception

Jeff and Cheryl, Thank you so much for all of your help on our wedding day!  I had been worried about a dj because of "cheesy dj" stereotypes but everything Cheryl did was elegant and understated and I was very pleased.  Even through a few hiccups (catering's fault, not Cheryl's!) she was helpful, friendly, and professional.  The music during dinner was just the right volume, and then we all had fun dancing afterwards.  Cheryl helped make it a wonderful evening!  Thanks again!! -Catharine and Danny

2June2006, Church wedding and Reception in Chestertown, DelMarVa peninsula, 100 guests.

Hi Jeff - thank you again for being a part of our wedding celebration.  The music was great!  We would be happy to serve as a reference. 

13 May '06, Landsdowne Resort Gazebo & Pavilion, Wedding Ceremony, Cocktails and Reception, 90 guests, 6 hours

Hi Cheryl- WE definitely enjoyed the reception! The music and reception planning by Cheryl and Jeff was amazing.  They prepared a lot, even picking the song for the groom's dance with his mother (a Bolero).  We did not create a playlist and we were very pleased with all the choices that Cheryl made- it was a great mix (a very eclectic mix of Cumbias, Bachatas, Boleros, Reggaeton and American pop).  They are both professional, proactive, and very enthusiastic about what they do.  The jazz during dinner was very classy and Cheryl pronounced our names correctly at the introduction- a big plus! (half the wedding party originally from south and/or central America)  They definitely provide first rate service.   We couldn't have asked for a better reception!  Take care- it was so good working with both of you!  Kate and Jose Manzanares

13 May 2006. Hilton Old Town Alexandria, 120 guests

Cheryl, 20 May 2006 (& again in '07), private house party in Georgetown for Georgine Anton ganton@antonmediagroup.com

29 April '06, Hyatt Dulles Grand Ballroom, 140 guests

Hi Jeff, We had a great time. Thanks so much for doing a great job at our wedding. Please feel free to use us as a reference. my e-mail is jj2023@columbia.edu and andrew's is andrewstolbach@hotmail.com.
22 April '06, Andrew & Joyce Stolbach, physicians in NYC, Event held in Baltimore Museum of Industry, 7:30-11:30, 140 guests.

Hi Cheryl, Joe and I want to thank you for doing such a great job at our wedding!  Everything was very organized and went so smoothly.  You were very professional, and we appreciate how closely you worked with our bridal party to coordinate the games.  We also appreciate how you handled unexpected events, like how late our dinner started and the mishap on the dance floor.  The music was great and everyone had a really good time.  Thanks again!   Renelle and Joe r_sagana@hotmail.com 25 March '06 DoubleTree Crystal City--Windows Over Washington, 100 guests, 5-10pm cocktails and reception

We very much enjoyed Walt as our DJ.  He was very pleasant and eager to make sure all of our needs were met in addition to collaborating well with the staff at the Renaissance and entertaining our guests.  Please do not hesitate to post my new email: Christina.Prather@gmail.com on your website as a reference. Renaissance Harborplace, Baltimore, 1 April '06, 200 guests

Jeff helped us make our special day truly wonderful.  He worked hard to make the day special to us.  His detailed approach ensured that we had all bases covered with the music and timing we desired.  We would recommend his services strongly for anyone looking for a unique and personal touch. Tom & Kathy Kinsella (takinsella@hotmail.com)
(Woodend Mansion, home of the Audubon society in Chevy Chase MD. Cocktails and reception, 50 guests)

Jeff, Hi! Thank you so much for everything! We had the best time and even my father, who is the hard one to please, has done nothing but rave about how everything was "perfect" regearding music and volume. That's a high compliment from him, I can assure you of that. Mike and I loved how easy Elan-DJ was to deal with and your helpfulness, attention to detail, and professionalism throughout the entire process was so refreshing and made you a joy to work with. Hopefully there won't be another wedding reception in our future, but you will come with the highest recommendations to any of our friends getting married in the DC area. And thank you so much for the CD-ROM - what a special treat! Please take care and happy new year. Thank you so much and best wishes, Karen and Mike Markham OCbum2@aol.com
(Country Club Wedding Reception with Cocktail Hour, 150 guests)

Hi, Jeff I have not been to an affair with a DJ in quite awhile and I have to say that it was very tastefully presented. I am used to the old bulky equipment sitting around, so I was quite pleased with the modern technology that was used for the event. Awesome presentation!  I have received compliments all morning regarding the event, so it was a great success thanks to Cheryl playing great music. The music selection was very appropriate at every part of the evening and it certainly encouraged the employees to dance. They were disappointed when the evening ended.  I will certainly keep your card on file for future events. Great Job!!! Take Care, Karen Karen Gaydos| Office Services Administrator CB Richard Ellis | Brokerage 250 W Pratt Street, Suite 2000, Baltimore, MD 21201 T 410 244 3147| F 410 244 3101 karen.gaydos@cbre.com | www.cbre.com (Corporate Holiday event, Cheryl was the DJ, held at the Joy America Cafe, 3rd floor of the Visionary Art Museum, Baltimore's inner harbor.)

Jeff- Just wanted to let you know that Walt did an awesome job.  My (professional wedding) planner, Jean, had much more contact with him and she said that she also had a positive experience working with him. He played many of the specific songs from my list and each time I stopped and noticed I was turning to Roy saying, "this song was on my list!"  I was very pleased with that.  Also, he was very low-key and only spoke when the itinerary noted that he was supposed to or when he was asked by Jean to make an announcement.  Overall he did an awesome job and I was very happy with his music selections. Thanks for everything! -Erin and Roy Cox

(DJ=Walt, 19 November '05, Castle @ Maryvale, MD, 75 guests)

Cheryl & Jeff, Thank you so much for all you did to make our wedding day so very special. Cheryl, you were flawless with the music program and all the evening's transitions. We really feel like the night went perfectly and only wish it didn't go by at 100 miles per hour! So you know, I will be recommending you to everyone that gets married and asks for my suggestions. Thanks again, Mark & Rebecca Coffren

(19 November 2005, Chantilly Golf Club, VA, 200 guests)

I write with great enthusiasm and appreciation a recommendation for Élan-DJ.com    As I was planning for my October 2005 wedding I feared hiring a DJ, as I have heard over and over again that the "DJ makes or breaks a wedding reception." When I spoke with Jeff Adams, he assured me that Élan DJ was a sophisticated and professional DJ service. He guaranteed me that Élan DJ was dedicated to providing the type of wedding reception that the bride and groom wanted. I was looking for a DJ who would play music, introduce evening events (i.e. dinner, toasts, first dance, cutting the cake, etc.) Prior to our wedding reception, Jeff and I created a detailed timeline of events for the reception and he made recommendations based on his vast experience with wedding receptions. We were thrilled when Cheryl, a highly professional and extremely poised DJ, was the DJ at our wedding. She came prepared with the all music we had selected and had some additional music she felt was appropriate to each musical set. The dance floor was packed all night! Guests of all ages looked as though they were having a great time. In addition, we were grateful for Cheryl, as our outdoor wedding reception was a complete mud pit under the tent due to torrential rainfall that week. Cheryl was a trooper in her galoshes and I feel she was the key factor to our memorable wedding reception. Many needed to be reminded of the miserable weather conditions and mud due to the fun atmosphere of the reception. I give all credit to Cheryl! I highly recommend Élan DJ and Cheryl, as I feel Élan DJ's services are top quality and their customer service is outstanding. Should you have questions, please feel free to contact me at 703-864-1780. Sincerely, Leslie McCleary

(DJ=Cheryl, 8 October '05, 150 guests, Woodlawn Plantation, VA)

Hi Jeff, Pete and I would like to thank you for all you did to make our wedding memorable. We were impressed with how organized you were from the very beginning with your event planner that tied everything together. Once we gave you all of the information for the events of the reception, you took over like a true professional and ensured that the evening proceeded as planned. We were free to enjoy our wedding reception. Due to the 'somewhat older' crowd for a second wedding, our friends were not dancing as much as we would have liked, but we received glowing compliments on how tasteful and enjoyable the music was that was played. Thanks also for 'going the extra mile' and helping us out by playing our ceremony music and for the play list CD you sent us, which was an added bonus. Pete and I would be happy to be a reference for you, especially to those couples looking for an experienced, dependable, organized, professional DJ that can cater to all ages. Thanks again.

Sharon and Peter Roe sstrehlein@verizon.net
(19August, '05, 70 guests, Kent Manor Inn, Stevensville, MD)

Jeff,  Monica and I would like to thank you for the great service you provided for our wedding.  We thought everything sounded great.  Your "filling in the gaps" was done well I thought, and the dance floor always had people on it.  Thanks for your patients, professionalism, and great overall service. John & Monica You can use john.godshall@wachovia.com for a reference, no problem

(24 September 2005, Halcyon House, Georgetown, 150 guests, 30% latin styles, 3 speakers +subwoofer)

Jeff was organized, courteous, and professional. He kept us informed, and dealt with all of our last minute changes. He was the one vendor we did not have to worry about! We would definitely recommend him to anyone. Thanks again for helping us out at our wedding. Take care Madison & Ed

(19June2005, Sheraton LaGuardia--NY,170 guests)

Cheryl you were great and a perfect fit to our taste in music.   Thank you so much for providing us with all the songs played at the reception. (that was an added plus).   A great compilation of songs chosen!  You guys were well worth the price, (and added bonus ; ) I will surely refer your service to all of our friends in the future in need of a DJ.   All the best to you both. Thank you again, for making our day memorable. Michael & Jane Woo

(18 June 2005, China Gardens Restaurant, 200 guests, 3 speakers, Roslyn, VA)

Hi Jeff, Thank you so much for making the reception so special for us. It was a lot of fun, especially how you were able to mix both types of music. Everyone was impressed with the technology! Thanks again so much! I will be happy to answer any questions (anyone) might have. The Honeymoon in Italy was great!!! It is nice to find someone...(so wonderful with whom)...to share your life.

Isolda & Paul

2 April 2005 Antrim in Taneytown (Mansion & Glass Pavilion), 130 guests, Music was an equal mix of English-speaking hits and Spanish speaking hits. (Gypsy Kings, Armik, Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Mambo, Bomba, Latin Rock, etc...)


Hi Jeff, Thank you for helping to make the surprise 25th anniversary celebration for my wife a big success. There was a large and eclectic group of people in attendance, many of whom had never met. The music selections were appropriate for the occasion and effective at getting people active and mixing. If I have a similar need in the future, I will call on your services once again. Cheers...

John Matthews

(Surprise 25th Anniversary party at private residence near Great Falls, VA, 50 guests)


Jeff, We would be HAPPY to be a reference. You were great and pulled the whole reception together. Thanks Jeff - for everything.

Brian & Deanne Deer BrianJDeer@aol.com (Inner Harbor Marriott-Baltimore, Waterview room, 100 guests)

(9January2005) ~from a handwritten note

Jeffrey, Thank you for helping to make our wedding such a wonderful occasion. All your help prior to the big day helped put our minds at ease. Your gift of the playlist on CD was an unexpected extra that is great! Would be happy to recommend you to other couples. Thanks again, Laurie and Ray Dunivin

Historic Oakland in Columbia


Cheryl did an excellent job - she was great at being flexible when we needed it and moving us along when we needed to stick to a schedule.  Even though the Mansion's dance space was not optimal, Cheryl was an expert getting people dancing.  She was very professional and struck exactly the right balance with the wedding party and song introductions.  I really appreciate her willingness to stick to the suggestions that we made and to avoid the songs that we didn't want to hear.  I heard from a few cousins that they requested the "chicken dance" (yuck!), and was so glad that we didn't have to watch the all of the relatives (dancing to it).  Finally, we were so excited to receive a CD-ROM with our song choices and we look forward to listening to it again and again! Overall, you're an excellent team and I'll recommend you to all of my friends. Corinne Minton

Mansion on O st. NW in DC

(2October 2004)

Jeff, Thanks so much for the wishes. The reception was the best party I have ever been a part of. Thanks for everything. I had no idea you were military. This family is truly huge!...What you do (U.S. Army Field Band-Trombonist) is truly awesome and a very special service. Have fun with it, as I'm sure you are an excellent performer. Thanks so much for the outstanding service. I hope we run into you again somewhere down the road.

Cpt. Derick Miller (clicknclimb@hotmail.com)
(4-hour Reception @ The Calvert House, Annapolis MD. 100+ guests.)

(25 September 2004)

 Cheryl. Thank you so much for the wonderful evening.  It was a blast and everyone raved about how good the music was and thank you for letting Bill (husband) take over the mic for a little bit.  Everything turned out perfect and we couldn't have asked for anything more...Please feel free to put my email address on the website for anyone who wants a reference.  Thanks again for making my day so special.   Fondly, Lisa (Clohan)

(3-hour DJ set following 4-hour band coverage by Raggs & The All-Stars, Westwood Country Club, Vienna VA. 200+ guests)

(18 September 2004)

Hi, Jeff!! What a kind and complimentary email! We had an absolutely wonderful time at our wedding and reception! Our feet were killing us the next day - in a good way... Thank you again for your contribution to our reception - couldn't have had that much fun without you! I was surprised to hear that you thought we were easy to work with, as we were so choosy with our music, but I'm glad to hear you thought so anyway! We're pretty laid back people - we just love music and are pretty particular about it. You were so incredibly accommodating, fun and professional and we again, appreciated working with you. There was a part of me that was almost surprised to see you at Chateclaire! When we chose that secluded place, we sort of wondered if we would be the only people to show - ha! I instantly fell in love with it though - so much character and charm I think... Talk to you soon and thanks a million! I'm going to tell all engaged buddies/co-workers about you. ~ Michele McGonagle-Knoerlein

(160 guests, Chateclaire Farm, Friendsville, Far Western MD. )

(25 September 2004)

A special thanks to our very 'special DJ' Jeff Adams. I know he worked with Katie and Vikas to present a program that they would be happy with, and they were, as evidenced by the great celebration on the dance floor!! We didn't have to urge anyone to get up and party---it was a happening!! Starting a reception off with spectacular music will be the next wedding "fad"---who needs food!! Seriously, we witnessed a very professional and very well prepared program, and we thank you for it! ...the sound system, it proved to be the only way to go! (2 heavy duty stacks on the dance floor and 4 others surrounding the room to make speeches easily heard no matter where one was) Sincerely, Don and Marsha Crist.

Bride's email: katiecrist@hotmail.com
(Parents of the Bride, event site: Baltimore Waterfront Marriott, guests: 500+, Room dimensions: 130'x115, Groom is Indian so half the evening's music was a combination of Indian ragas and current Indian Dance)

2004 Season:

Reception: Vikas & Katie Varma: vvarm001@umaryland.edu
Reception: Michael Workman & Dacia Dunson: ddunson@hotmail.com --Cheryl
Reception: Jonathan & Barbara Pevsner: pevsner@jhmi.edu,
World Bank Boat Party: Julie Casey of Watermark Cruises
Annapolis: 410-268-7601x108 --Cheryl
Reception: Darren & Minta Cole minta_johnson@msn.com --Cheryl

   What about those 'Lowest-Bidder' DJ companies?:

I'm glad you are willing to allow me to shed some light on the way we here at Elan-DJ think regarding our client's events. Many brides & grooms will spend multiple thousands of dollars on their venue, catering, and other vendors, but when it comes time to hire a DJ, they budget only $500-$1000. Since the DJ/MC is the one person who has the ability to make or break an event, I've never been able to understand this line of thinking. Even a mediocre DJ at your wedding is a significant risk which I would think would be unacceptable to most potential clients. In contrast, a mediocre member of the catering staff or photo assistant probably won't even be noticed...substituted appetizers or missed photos won't be noticed by anyone but the Bride and Groom and their inner circle. But a mediocre DJ will be on display and very obvious all evening.

If you are looking for the experience and guarantees like we offer, then there is no getting around a moderately higher price. Also keep in mind that hopefully this will be a once-in-a-lifetime event and then decide if you want to trust your day to the lowest bidder. Finally compare the guarantees and references (both on our site and the unsolicited ones on WeddingWire.com), they say it all.

   What about those other High-Volume DJ companies?:

I'm so glad you asked. Cheryl & I used to work for a high-volume company, so we can give you the inside scoop.

There is one company that goes on and on about having back-up equipment. Why, you may ask? To tell you the truth, for any professional DJ this is a non-issue. We always have back-up equipment with us at your event! However, some big companies actually do not send any back-up equipment out with their DJs, instead preferring to have a warehouse staffer on call in case anyone needs anything. Can you imagine what would happen if you hired that company and the DJ discovered an issue a half-hour before music was supposed to start with the warehouse being located over an hour away? What if they have 10 events that night and three of those have issues? You could be without music for half of your event or more.

How does the payment you make to a DJ company get divided up? Here is roughly how it works at Elan-DJ.com, and this is unique in the industry since we are very customer service oriented: For each contract ~25% goes to the office for administrative and advertising costs; the remaining ~75% goes to the DJ servicing your event. For a $2000 event this is $1500

How does it work at other big companies? Since many of the DJ's employed by these companies are trained in-house and are using the company's equipment, the company pays them very little. I know of one company in particular who will pay a newer DJ $400 or less on an $2000 contract.

Now let me ask you this. Which DJ do you think has a stronger vested interest, and a stronger sense of responsibility for your event, the one making $400 or the one making $1500?

   A scary story:

When Cheryl and I were working for said other company, we encountered one situation where a younger DJ was scheduled to handle a low-budget wedding for which he was being paid $150 on a $700 contract (late 90's pricing). On Wednesday prior to the Saturday of the wedding, he got a call from his buddy who asked him to DJ the big Kegger party he was hosting on Saturday, his pay would be half of the admission fees. The last time he did one of these he made $500. Guess who was left without a DJ at the last minute.

With Elan-DJ.com, inc. this would never happen. Not only are our DJs are mature, responsible individuals who love DJ'ing the Elan way and love helping to make your event a success, they are also put under a specific contract with us to DJ your event.

   Insider tips: Shopping for the right DJ service for your event (and avoiding the disreputable ones).

   We understand that many potential clients are shopping around for pricing as well as trying to determine which company will give them the best service for their hard-earned dollar. This is only natural. Because of this, a quick reminder that there are a limited number of us so please book early.

   Professional vs. Amateur DJs: A DJ's style is only an issue with inexperienced, less-than professional DJs---don't fall for the "we'll match your style to a certain DJ's style" argument, if a DJ has limitations he/she is not a professional.

   Witness a company in action at an event: Frequently I'm asked about seeing us at an event. This is actually against our policy, let me explain. All of our events are private. Also, every event is tailored to that client's exact specifications--(as it is for any reputable DJ service.) Therefore, if you were to be "fly on the wall" at any given event with a reputable company, you may witness something that you would not want at your event--so not really a fair analysis unless you were to speak to the client after the event to ask them if the company did exactly as they desired.

   From our perspective, any company who invites you to one of their client's events is lacking in tact and professionalism. Also, for most companies who allow this, it is a strong indicator that they only do business one way and do not guarantee that they will do exactly as the client wants.   

Pressured into a meeting at office/warehouse: This is actually a red-flag. Generally you want to avoid companies who pressure you to come in for a preliminary meeting. Cheryl and I used to work for one. These meetings are focused solely on getting you to sign on the dotted line and usually feature a slick demo performed by whomever of their "top" DJs happens to be there. A slick demo has nothing to do with anything pertaining to anyone's event and is just used for added pressure to get people under contract right then and there.

   The only effective way to evaluate: us or any reputable DJ service for that matter, is to contact references and ask those former clients specifically if the company did exactly what they wanted. Reputable companies have extensive lists of references (and nowadays, will have great ratings on WeddingWire and WeddingChannel), and don't need to resort to deceptive sales techniques (like this price is only good for today) to lock clients. Mind you, this is more work for the potential client, but ultimately we are talking about your big day. With that in mind, more knowledge about your DJ company is a very good thing!

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